What Do You Think Of The No Ring, No Bring Rule?

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If you’ve been reading the paper over the last few weeks and months, you’re sure to know that Pippa Middleton – sister of the future queen of England – is going to be taking the plunge and getting hitched in May.

And it’s now been widely reported that American actress Meghan Markle – girlfriend of Prince Harry – won’t be able to attend the actual ceremony because Pippa has enforced a no ring, no bring rule… where guests can only bring a plus one if they’re married or engaged to their other half.

The aim of this particular wedding policy is to keep numbers to a minimum and also make sure that any potential strangers aren’t able to come. Of course, it’s nice to allow your friends to bring a plus one to your wedding, but if you don’t know them at all and have never met them why would you want them there to share your special day? That said, having such a formal policy in place could prove to be a little bit alienating – and you probably don’t want to fall out with your pals over something like this.

Instead of bringing in such a hard and fast rule, why don’t you offer plus ones to your closest friends who will be at the actual ceremony and then say that anyone can come to the after party? After all, you’ll want crowds of people on the dance floor and if there’s a strange face or two in the mix, it’s not going to be too much of an issue, we wouldn’t have thought.

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